The history of the financial system of Indonesia has always been in line with the history of the national struggle, even before the nation’s independence. The national finance management has also given its own color for the governance of the country. One of the vital functions of the state financial system is the treasury functions.

Treasury functions is a breath that sustains the financial system in a country. In Indonesia, the treasury function has been excecuted since the Dutch East Indies colonial administration.

Along with the times, treasury functions in Indonesia has undergone many changes; both legal, organizational structure and system in the body of the treasury function itself.

HUntil the year 2004, the state financial system of Indonesia was still oriented to the state financial system made by the Dutch Indies. Then, as the enactment of Law No. 17 Year 2003 on State Finance, this nation has a legal basis for the country’s financial system of its own. This is a remarkable revolution and achievements in the field of the state finance system, as well as for treasury function of the country’s financial system.

By following the the Law No. 17 Year 2003 on State Finance, in 2004, the Law of No. 1 Year 2004 on State Treasury is established. This moment becomes a great history for the treasury function of Indonesia, which also reinforces the vital role of to the country’s financial system.

Departing form a long history of treasury function of the state finance, ranging from the reign of the Dutch East Indies, the establishment of the Ministry of Finance, the formation of CKCK (Central Kantoor Voor de Comptabiliteit), the formation of institutions Thesaury State, the establishment of the Direcotrate General of Budget, until the birth of the Directorate General of Treasury, it appears that it is needed to establish a museum which is dedicated specifically to present one of the important history of this nation.

Museum Collections

Museum of Treasury displays various collections of historical objects and treasury documents collected from the treasury offices around Indonesia. Each visitor is invited to explore the historical development and important events in the field of the treasury of the country. In this museum, the visitors are also being introduced to the institution that runs the treasury functions, namely the Directorate General of Treasury, regarding the history of the formation, duties and functions, organizational structure from time to time, as well as an overview on the future of the institutions and treasury functions.

The museum is open for everyone who wants to know and learn about state finances, especially in the area of treasury, for students/university students, civil/private employers, and public as a recreational and educative place.

MKAA - Visual Booklet Museum Dwi Warna AVision dan Mission


To be the source of information, public education, and the means appreciation of the history of the state treasury to realize the modern, transparent, professional, and accountable state financial management.


  1. To realize the museum as a medium of information, education, and documentation of the history of the implementation of the treasury in Indonesia;

  2. To realize the museum as a center for the development and implementation of treasury research in Indonesia;

  3. To realize the museum as an educative-recreational facility in the area of treasury.

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